.5oz Kyphi oil
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.5oz Kyphi oil


An ancient formula used for bringing power and success, also used as anointing oil during rituals for highlighted effectiveness, perfect for temple work and to balance the polarities. This oil can also be used for banishing unwanted spirits, ill dreams, nightmares, and spiritual illness. Especially effective if you feel you have have been hexed or cursed, and it has caused you physical illness. This blend is great in a diffuser. It scents the whole house with a positive vibe and chases those blues of uncertainty away. Or add some to a hot, relaxing bath and wash away that negativity. Frankincense, myrrh, orange, lemon, cinnamon, rose, and exotic resins allowed to age for many months make this oil very special and a must have. It continually smells better as time goes by. Can be worn as a perfume. Made in the USA.

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