.5oz Drawing Down the Moon oil
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.5oz Drawing Down the Moon oil


Charges you with Divine Lunar Energy. Just as you charge the tools of your Craft, you charge yourself.The best time to use this oil are; the three days of the Full Moon- the day before, the day of, and the day after the Full Moon each month. To use Drawing Down the Moon Oil, you need to take a shower or bath, dry off and anoint the top of your head, your third eye, between your breasts, right under your navel and the bottoms of your feet. Dress lightly, preferably in something you do ritual work in, so you can retain the energy, and then recite this charge:Oh hail fair Moon, Lady of the night, protect me and mine, until there is light. Chant this as many times as you wish until you can feel the silvery light throughout your body. Then, you are done. Made in the USA.

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