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.5 oz Atma attar oil $24.95

.5 oz Atma attar oil

Atma Attar oil is a sensual fragrance with sweet floral and fresh notes. It is romantic and alluring , yet gentle. It has the magic of a full moon
.5 oz Jiva attar oil $24.95

.5 oz Jiva attar oil

Jiva Attar Oil is jasmine in its heavenly fineness. This majestic fragrance is infused with gentle sweetness, softness, and calmness. It will accompany you with its...
.5 oz Jugala attar oil $24.95

.5 oz Jugala attar oil

Jugala Attar Oil has a unique oriental fragrance with deep yet fresh notes that deliver innocence and purity. Relaxing and refreshing, this wonderful perfume will...
.5 oz Manjari attar oil $32.95

.5 oz Manjari attar oil

This royal attar oil has a flowery fragrance that is both sweet and tangy. With its special combination of gentleness and strength Manjari Attar oil touches the...
.5 oz Padma attar oil $24.95

.5 oz Padma attar oil

Padma Attar Oil has a fruity sweet fragrance that will fill your entire day with beauty, joy and happiness and will give a festive touch to ordinary moments...
.5 oz Prema attar oil $24.95

.5 oz Prema attar oil

The combination of sandalwood and rose in Prema Attar Oil create a sweet, deep and meditative fragrance. Attractive and sensual, yet delivering purity and...
.5 oz Tilak attar oil $24.95

.5 oz Tilak attar oil

Tilak Attar Oil definitely has a personality