Bayou Witch

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.5 oz Aphrodite $13.95

.5 oz Aphrodite

Aphrodite has long been the legendary Goddess of Love. Give yourself permission to indulge in this potion of love to surround yourself with passion and lift your...
.5 oz Arenmetia $13.95

.5 oz Arenmetia

Arenmetia is considered one of the most ancient of all Celtic deities. Arenmetia is invoked for healing, fertility, bounty, birth, inspiration and bringing comfort...
.5 oz Banishing oil $13.95

.5 oz Banishing oil

Use this oil to banish anything unwanted in your life. Use Banishing oil to overcome adversity, hexes and bad luck. May be worn as a daily perfume.Made in USA.
.5 oz Baphomet $13.95

.5 oz Baphomet

Baphomet is The Goat of Mendes whom the Templars were accused of worshiping. It a Goat-Headed deity, being formed of both female and male principles, with a...
.5 oz Bast $13.95

.5 oz Bast

The Egyptian cat goddess Bast is depicted with the head of a cat, representing her more nurturing aspects. Woman of the time would buy amulets of this Goddess...
.5 oz Bat's Blood oil $13.95

.5 oz Bat's Blood oil

Used in practice of black arts to create discord, tension, and havoc; used on fetishes, charms, red, or black candles. Works very well when working with evil...
.5 oz Belladonna oil $13.95

.5 oz Belladonna oil

Belladonna has long been used as a power plant by witches, sorcerers and shamans to induce trance states. In the past it was used to facilitate divination, visions...
.5 oz Bitches Brew oil $13.95

.5 oz Bitches Brew oil

Get your "Bitch" back in your life. Commanding oil, forces others to do your will. Wear or anoint a green candle to coerce someone to do your bidding. Also, use for...
.5 oz Bite Me oil $13.95

.5 oz Bite Me oil

Mmmm, want to compel others with your own personal brand of deliciousness? Compelling, playful with an added touch of lustiness and longing...this potion is crafted...