Product Image Price- Item Name
1 lb Amethyst points $39.95

1 lb Amethyst points

Raw points and chunks of amethyst like teeth of the mountain. Each is unique in color and size varies. 1" - 2 3/4".Est 10- 20 pieces.
1 lb Citrine points $69.95

1 lb Citrine points

Also known as the "Success Stone". Carrying the power of the sun, Citrine is believed to bring prosperity and success, it is also known to bring energies of...
6 sided Pink Opal pendulum $18.95

6 sided Pink Opal pendulum

A 6 sided pendulum made from carved and highly polished pink opal. The pendulum is strung on a 6" chain with a clear quartz marble at the opposite end. Pink Opal,...
6-sided Amethyst pendulum $5.95

6-sided Amethyst pendulum

A natural stone Amethyst pendulum balanced y a small marble of Amethyst on the opposite end of the chain. This is a natural product and all pendulums are not...
6-sided Bloodstone pendulum $10.95

6-sided Bloodstone pendulum

Bloodstone has long been valued within folk lore and magical practice. Said to be of great use in healing and protection magic, it is also believed to be useful in...
6-sided Clear Quartz pendulum $9.95

6-sided Clear Quartz pendulum

Let the qualities of quartz aid your divination by enhancing and complimenting your intention with this pendulum which is focused on a clear quartz bob, carved into...
6-sided Orgonite Amethyst pendulum $10.95

6-sided Orgonite Amethyst pendulum

6-sided Orgonite Amethyst pendulum. Orgonite is obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal particules, polyester or epoxy resin, and minerals.
6-sided Rose Quartz pendulum $6.95

6-sided Rose Quartz pendulum

A highly polish 6 sided Rose Quartz pendulum with matching Rose Quartz fob. Please allow for variances in size and color as these are made from natural stone. 6
6-Sided Ruby Zoisite pendulum $11.95

6-Sided Ruby Zoisite pendulum

Ruby Zoisite is a wonderfully colorful stone, mingling vibrant green coloring accented by vivid purple and pink. 1 1/2 - 2"