Offering, Scrying & Singing Bowls

Product Image Price- Item Name
2" assorted Devotional Bowl $24.95

2" assorted Devotional Bowl

These bowls are fantastic vessels for your ritual offerings with no two alike.
2" copper Offering Bowl $9.95

2" copper Offering Bowl

Hammered design with rolled rim, this copper offering bowl can be used for any purpose or altar. Fill with blessed water for annointing or put any offering or...
3 3/4" ritual bowl $10.95

3 3/4" ritual bowl

A beautiful ritual bowl made from carved and polished horn. Please note that these are made from real horn and will not be perfectly round. 3 3/4
3" Om Offering Bowl $12.95

3" Om Offering Bowl

Accented with brass, this copper offering bowl is marked with the sacred Om symbol, providing you with the perfect place to make your offerings to the sacred divine.
3" Onyx bowl $12.95

3" Onyx bowl

These beautiful green onyx bowls can perfectly suit any circumstance. They can be used upon your altar, for fuctional purposes on the dinner table. They are...
3" Pentagram Offering Bowl $12.95

3" Pentagram Offering Bowl

This copper offering bowl has been decorated with the brass accent of a mystical symbol of the pentagram and is sized to easily fit any altar or rest before any...
3" Triple Moon Offering Bowl $12.95

3" Triple Moon Offering Bowl

Sculpted of copper and accented with brass, this offering bowl displays the triple moon in representation of the Goddess and the moon's changing cycles.
3" Triquetra Offering Bowl $12.95

3" Triquetra Offering Bowl

Sculpted of copper and brass, this offering bowl is accented with the three pointed symbol of the Triquetra, representing the Maiden, the mother and the Crone.
4" Tibetan Singing Bowl (hand made) $75.95

4" Tibetan Singing Bowl (hand made)

Crystal singing bowls emit a purity of resonant sound. They are unleaded crystal and plated. Enjoy for meditation, healing, or music. Not only can you hear the...