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1 lb Garnet spheres $75.95

1 lb Garnet spheres

This pound of polished Garnet Spheres, come in a variety of sizes ranging from, 7.5mm to 25mm. Garnet, is a stone of intense, strong feelings, it is believed to...
30mm Shungite sphere $15.95

30mm Shungite sphere

Black orbs of shungite. Renowned over the centuries for various attributes, the black shungite can be used to filter out negative energy. It was known in the past,...
40-50mm Jade, Nephrite sphere $21.95

40-50mm Jade, Nephrite sphere

A highly polished Nephrite Jade Sphere. Believed to be an extremely strong protective, Guardian energy. Jade is known to be a talisman of personal protection and of...
40mm Aventurine, Blue sphere $14.95

40mm Aventurine, Blue sphere

Adventurine spheres - These are a blend of gray and blue making this gem mineral blend very unique and distinct. 40 mm
40mm Aventurine, Green sphere $16.95

40mm Aventurine, Green sphere

Aventurine green spheres range from deep to light green. Some use for prospertity or for the heart chakra or many other purposes. 40 mm
40mm Fluorite sphere $24.95

40mm Fluorite sphere

Fourite sheres have the widest variety of color range. They can be translucent, purple, green, black, you name it. Random colors and patterns our choice.
40mm Jasper, Red sphere $16.95

40mm Jasper, Red sphere

Red jasper is dense with a glossy red brick color. This sphere is 40 mm.
40mm Labradorite sphere $19.95

40mm Labradorite sphere

Labradorite spheres are dark with irridescent highlights common in this semi precious stone. Related to feldspar and moonstone, one may see the moons illumination...
40mm Mookaite sphere $17.95

40mm Mookaite sphere

Mookaite jasper spheres are sometimes called Austrailian jasper. They look like a picture jasper of from our west. Each is distinct and different from the other but...