Product Image Price- Item Name
15-30mm Sunstone pyramid $13.95

15-30mm Sunstone pyramid

Sunstone pyramids range from rosy pinks to milky whites. They exhibite transluscence revealing inclusions that can catch light at different depths. Often sought to...
25- 30mm Ruby Zoisite pyramid $15.95

25- 30mm Ruby Zoisite pyramid

Ruby Zoisite, also called Anyolite, contains small ruby embedded crystals with the Zoisite, a marriage of passion and patience. Is believed to enhance psychic...
25-30mm 7 Chakra pyramid $17.95

25-30mm 7 Chakra pyramid

Each primary chakra color is displayed in layers to create this pyramid of energy. Enhanced colors for better display and focus. 25-30mm
25-30mm Amethyst pyramid $9.95

25-30mm Amethyst pyramid

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of amethyst, this small pyramid can help you cut through confusion and bring clarity into your...
25-30mm Aquamarine pyramid $16.95

25-30mm Aquamarine pyramid

Aquamarine can be use as a calming stone, also believe to resonate ocean energy, and to help connect with nature and spirits of the sea, it also associated with the...
25-30mm Black Obsidian pyramid $13.95

25-30mm Black Obsidian pyramid

A small but energetic focus carved from volcanic glass and highly polished. Small enough for the corner of any meditation/ritual space or in a desk corner. All...
25-30mm Black Tourmaline pyramid $13.95

25-30mm Black Tourmaline pyramid

This black tourmaline pyramid is a powerful tool and is highly praised for its ability to absorb negative energy.
25-30mm Bloodstone pyramid $13.95

25-30mm Bloodstone pyramid

Sculpted of finely polished bloodstone, this powerful pyramid shaped stone can be of great use in energy work, as well as ritual magic. With bloodstone functioning...
25-30mm Garnet pyramid $12.95

25-30mm Garnet pyramid

Pyramid form to amplify - Garnet has many attributes: life blood of the Goddess, protection, clarvoyance. call success, visions in dream, and more. Revered by all,...