Pendants & Charms

Product Image Price- Item Name
1 1/4" Pentagram $25.95

1 1/4" Pentagram

This woven style pentagram has excellent detail surrounded by a circle edged with small triangle pyramid design. It is topped with a large ornate bale to accomodate...
1 3/4" Kablistic Tree $12.95

1 3/4" Kablistic Tree

Kabalistic tree pendant, Brass w/siilver electroplating,Made in India. 2"
1" Amethyst heart $10.95

1" Amethyst heart

Amethyst gemstone hearts for any intention. Each stone is unique with different natural inclusions and color shades. Has loop. Sold singly our choice. 1" x 1 1/4....
1" Black Tourmaline heart $10.95

1" Black Tourmaline heart

This black tourmaline gemstone heart pendant comes with a loop for a cord or small chain. Each is unique. Sold singly our choice.Size 1" - 1 1/4". Made in Brazil
1" Citrine heart $10.95

1" Citrine heart

This is citrine gemstone as aheart pendant. It has a loop for a cord or small chain. Colors range from hint of yellow to darker amber as well as clear to...
1" Citrine natural heart $10.95

1" Citrine natural heart

This is a natural citrine gemstone heart pendant. It not factory enhanced by chemical or heat. It has a loop for a cord or small chain. Colors range from hint of...
1" Graftadoz heart $10.95

1" Graftadoz heart

This gemstone quartz "Graftadoz" is rutilated by grafite. The clear to dark stone shows the black streak like magical threads. Each has a unique pattern. Has loop....
1" Pentagram Garnet $12.95

1" Pentagram Garnet

Pentagram w/Garnet. Five stones set on the outer ring of the pentacle to amply and accent the scroll design. There is a raised stone center in the woven pentagram ....
1" Pentagram w/crescent Moons $12.95

1" Pentagram w/crescent Moons

Pentagram w/crescent Moons on the tips of the star, the pentacle is ringed again with an outer ring. For some this is the microcosim as above so below. Nice clean...