Oil Bottle Necklaces

Product Image Price- Item Name
1 1/2" Coin Orgone Amethyst & Quartz $13.95

1 1/2" Coin Orgone Amethyst & Quartz

A nice sized medallion like Orgone acrylic coin pendant, with a centered gold Flower of Life, the background is arrayed with Amethyst and quartz, encased in...
2-Circle Pentagram sterling $12.95

2-Circle Pentagram sterling

Crafted of fine sterling silver, this lovely pentacle pendant presents an outer border encircling the first circle, with fine delicate lines.Sterling Silver. No...
Amphora Spell Oil Bottle $3.95

Amphora Spell Oil Bottle

These spell oil bottles include a handmade glass vial and a silver plated cap that features a small bail. Cap must be glued, washer must be trimmed. No cord. 1 1/4"...
Ankh Oil Bottle necklace $15.95

Ankh Oil Bottle necklace

With a pewter cap fashioned into the immortal Egyptian symbol of the Ankh. Has cord. Pewter, Glass, Plastic. 1 3/4" x 2".Made in USA.
Bulb Spell Oil Bottle $2.95

Bulb Spell Oil Bottle

Fill this empty jar with a small amount of any mystic liquid or powder you may need quick acess to. Glass, Cork, Brass. No cord. 1 1/4" x 1/2"
Calavera Skull Oil Bottle $16.95

Calavera Skull Oil Bottle

Carved into the image of a Mexican Calavera skull created in celebration of the Day of the Dead. 2 dram. No cord. Clay, cork.1 1/2" x 1"
Celtic Knot Raku Oil Bottle $16.95

Celtic Knot Raku Oil Bottle

This clay spell oil bottle has been sculpted with the symbol of a Celtic knot, an age old symbol of eternal unity. 2 dram. No cord. 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"
Celtic Knot Round Oil Bottle $15.95

Celtic Knot Round Oil Bottle

A complex Celtic knot ties and binds the energy of your chosen mystic oil or powder, keeping it forever working. Has cord. Pewter, Glass, Plastic. 2" x 1/2".Made in...
Celtic Owl necklace $9.95

Celtic Owl necklace

With wings and facial features woven of Celtic knots this owl necklace speaks of timeless wisdom. Has 24