Product Image Price- Item Name
* Carving pendants various (was $4.50) $1.27

* Carving pendants various (was $4.50)

There is a large variety in this selection of soapstone pendants of stones, colors/patterns and carving designs and each is sold individually and by random...
8mm Shungite necklace $44.95

8mm Shungite necklace

Shungite well known for many quality attributes. The soft gloss black beading has an elegant appearance. 8mm beads Shungitenecklace beads 17" with 3" extender chain...
Amethyst & Hematiite Flower elastic mala $43.95

Amethyst & Hematiite Flower elastic mala

This mala is quite heavy. The hematite contains alot of iron which for some is grounding an earthly. The amethyst can be for crown higher consciousness. Whether...
Amethyst cage pendant $12.95

Amethyst cage pendant

Cage wire wrapped amethyst allows the natural crystal to be displayed. Each point has a different color shade from lavender to deep purple. Loop fits most cord or...
Amethyst japmala $46.95

Amethyst japmala

Amethyst beads for this mala come with purple tassel. 108 beads 8mm round.
Amethyst Mala 5.5mm $36.95

Amethyst Mala 5.5mm

A prayer mala made of polished amethyst beads and joined and ended in a tassel. 5.5mm beads 36"
Amethyst Witch's Ladder necklace $38.95

Amethyst Witch's Ladder necklace

This necklace builds on the power of 3 to form a Witch's Ladder with three groups of beads in a 3 x 9 x 21 (33 beads) arrangement to form a wonderful medative or...
Ankh bronze $29.95

Ankh bronze

A beautiful representation of the most iconic of all Egyptian symbols, simply stunning in its simplicity. Made in U.S.A.. Has cord. Bronze. 2
Ankh Cross necklace $23.95

Ankh Cross necklace

A beautiful and bejeweled ankh with fleur de lis embellishments at the base and cross member ends. Has 24