Candle Accessories

Product Image Price- Item Name
3" green unscented floater $4.95

3" green unscented floater

An unscented floating candle which will burn down while floatin on water. Will work in natural pools as well as man made basins equally well. This type of candle...
Antigued Branch Candle Snuffer $10.95

Antigued Branch Candle Snuffer

This candle snuffer has been sculpted out of cold cast resin to present itself as though it were carved from a slender wooden branch as the perfect complement to...
Brass Candle Snuffer $4.95

Brass Candle Snuffer

Sculpted of brass, this small candle snuffer is great for those who need to keep their altar tools hidden or might otherwise lack the space for larger devices....
Brass Candle Snuffer $9.95

Brass Candle Snuffer

Made of solid brass, this candle snuffer is a great way to put out your candle's flame without spatter and spill of wax. 8 1/2"
Brass Renaissance candle snuffer $5.95

Brass Renaissance candle snuffer

Featuring a dimpled bell, this brass renaissance candle snuffer eliminates the mess and damage of blowing out your candles.
Candle snugger $2.95

Candle snugger

Help keep your candles secure and upright with the aid of candle snugger.
Gold Birthday Candles $0.95

Gold Birthday Candles

This 12-pack of golden birthday candles can also be used in ritual magick that calls for candles that burn more quickly than traditional candles.
Long Belled Brass candle snuffer $5.95

Long Belled Brass candle snuffer

This brass candle snuffer is great for those who lack the space for many tools on their altar. Its extended bell also makes it easier to use with deeper candle...
Long Brass Candle Snuffer $6.95

Long Brass Candle Snuffer

This brass candle snuffer has been crafted out of a simple arm of brass, unadorned except for the handle by its base, textured and widened for your grip. 12"...